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GK and Current Affairs

This area is tied with Legal Knowledge as the area which can offer the most marks. This makes it unique as when compared in a proportional manner, this is the part that people take the least time to complete in the exam as well. This can be attributed to the hit or miss questions which come up. While it can be said that recent papers have given a more subtle push towards knowledge of South Asian, particularly Indian happenings and that there has been a greater propensity towards Current Affairs than GK, it doesn’t change the fact that the person preparing must stress on both areas.

The following things can be kept in mind while preparing for this area-

  • Get a good grasp of current affairs/ general knowledge that have been asked in previous CLAT papers – generally they tend to focus on politics, international and national organisations and their members/activities, events and dates of national and international importance among others. History, Environment and Trade & Economics are also popular choices. Keep up to date with important news in Sports. This is only to help you in prioritising and not to ignore some areas for the others.
  • Read newspapers and magazines, make note of the important events that took place, organisations that convened, dates on which decisions were taken and who all were involved, who visited, who resigned, who said what, schemes, policies etc. both nationally and internationally.
  • Downloading quizzing mobile apps are helpful too, especially as it will give access to a lot of stuff that might not be covered in one newspaper. However the same is not a substitution for a newspaper as it’s pretty selective.
  • Keep yourself as up to date as possible and participate in discussions involving current affairs topic whenever you can.
  • While writing the exam, remember that it is a hit or miss game. If you don’t know something, you don’t know it. Many questions have options that are similar to each other as to make safe elimination of wrong ones impossible.
  • And don’t stress yourself too much over this area, even the best ones can’t keep track of everything that is going on.

In this page we will be providing both compendiums and practice problems to let you know how the world has changed.

Don’t worry if you haven’t started yet. TA-DA J Again the magic wand is here. We will soon be releasing the practice set papers to brush up your skills.