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Legal Aptitude

This is an area unique to CLAT and other law entrance examinations, like AILET. Legal Aptitude is a combination of what is called Legal Knowledge and Legal Reasoning. This area is very important for CLAT aspirants as it has a lot of marks in it; also it is going to matter in tie breakers. It is also important professionally as well as in your law school. This area poses a wide array of problems and your comprehension abilities will be tested here as well. The questions can be very ambiguous and confusing, if one does not carefully read it. This area is easy to score marks in if one understands the questions properly and has a basic grasp of legal knowledge, but it can also be a time sink when one is not sufficiently prepared.

So here are some tips that are to be kept in mind when preparing for legal reasoning:-

  • Go through all the past year papers of CLAT and AILET as it will be the source to see what all questions can up. There are quite a few popular repeated ones as well.
  • Be patient while doing legal reasoning. Understand the question – especially focus on the principle and fact situation applicable. As far as possible keep your knowledge of law out and accept only the principles. Keep in mind; whatever is stated in the principle is always the key for your answer itself. How? You just need to take into consideration the principle and a trick that can be used when you are stuck is ‘catching the words’; that is you can go for the similarity of the principle and the option that resembles most with that of the principle. This worked for me, but remember to use it only when you are stuck.

Example: If the principle is that minor can’t enter into a contract then don’t introduce your knowledge that it was for necessity that minor entered into contract and so it might be allowed. No, don’t do this mistake. It is more often than not going to end up losing you marks.

  • Law of Torts and Law of Contracts tend to comprise the bulk of these questions. Criminal law is a preferred area as well. In Legal knowledge, Constitutional law is very important along with a basic understanding of the functioning of the government as well as the legal system. Sometimes important case names are also asked.
  • Practice your Latin on some popular legal maxims which are bound to come up, either in this part or in the general English section.
  • Good speed reading skills are very important here. How to develop these skills? Don’t worry we are here to help you out with that. We will be coming up with certain such articles to help you with your reading skills. Stay Tuned. J
  • Practice regularly as this area can be quite easy if one is prepared but can eat up all the time if one is not. Keep an eye on how long you’re going to spend here while practising your mocks and adhere to that strictly during the exam. You can always come back if other questions are tougher.
  • Legal Aptitude is very much like your GK but unlike your GK and Current Affairs; preparation is far more limited in the area it covers. Thus, it is possible to have a much better understanding of all the important details under the same.
  • Keep yourself up to date on what is happening in the judiciary and the important cases and principles that you might come across in the news. Like all the issues involving the Supreme Court cases on the management of BCCI or the legality of mandatory Aadhar card linkage for example.

While the materials required for preparation in this area is extremely hard for a lay person to obtain, we will assist you with that. We will provide you with regular lessons, practice questions, training regiments, basics on all important areas of law for CLAT, list of important cases (and why they are important), the legal maxims, and make you sufficiently prepared to make CLAT easy and first year a much more bearable endeavour.

For all those appearing in CLAT 2017, we will soon be releasing the supplements to brush up your skills further. Watch out for it. Till then, good luck and keep practicing. Remember practice is the ‘Conquer mantra’ here- Something that the “Shree’Ian” weirdo team say way too often and is going to use it for every existing effort booster for cracking CLAT under the sun.