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My name is Anmol Tanwar and I’m a student of National Law University, Jodhpur and I will be the one to introduce you to the very motivated team behind this website. We are a group of law students. What unites us, other than the passion to contribute and develop this website, is the fact that we invested a substantial amount of time and resources into cracking the CLAT (and also AILET). We are all from different batches, but we all share a common interest which still continues in the various fields you will be tested in on CLAT.
Why start a website? The easiest way to answer that will be by saying that having travelled on the road you walk now, for a major part of the years of our school life, we now want to share that experience and the lessons we learned. On hearing this you might very well point out that, “This is the same thing every other website offering CLAT training say too. What makes yours any different?” My response will be that we have diverse backgrounds and experiences. We know what it is like to have a college that you have prepared an entire year for but have that fear of not being able to achieve it. We have balanced board and CLAT with the fear that Board exams were not to our expectations. We have had the fear of dropping a year and the fear of disappointing those we thought highly of. We won’t claim that we can tell you how to ace CLAT because we have done that, but what we can provide for you all the tools which will help you in the process. More importantly, we will be offering not merely CLAT support but also lifelong friendship as well. 
What we can provide you with? We will be offering free updates and quizzes on English, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Legal GK, Logical reasoning, Legal Reasoning and Mathematics. The two most essential ingredients in preparing for CLAT, as voiced by not merely the toppers but everyone who has attempted it, are support from seniors in Law Schools and practice. We will be offering personalised mentoring services where a senior will guide and support you in your preparation. The said senior will also be your friend who will tell you about life in law school and the opportunities it offers you. You will also be supported by the other members of the Team in your preparation from time to time while also increasing your exposure to law schools.
We will also be providing you with specially tailored mocks and study materials to aid in your preparation. We will ensure that you have access to sufficient mocks and materials to enable you to have a steady grasp and exposure over the course of the entire year. This will ensure that you have sufficient room to prove the adage that practice makes perfect. The most important ingredients in the preparation for CLAT or any other similar exam is to have a strong lid on time and the ability to prioritise. Reading, mentoring and materials can offer little aid here when compared to regular exposure to CLAT.
We will also be providing access to books from various publishers which will be of substantial help when preparing for preparing instead of investing time and money in a burgeoning market for books related to CLAT. These books will provide a solid foundation to most, if not all, the types of questions which pop up in CLAT. This will be in addition to our own course material which will be filled with additional methods to tackle questions, material information on important topics and practice questions
Lastly, and most importantly, we offer to provide a place to listen to your worries and troubles while preparing for CLAT. We know that it can be an extremely challenging and difficult point of time. You might be having worry about how well you will do at CLAT, it might be about boards or it might be something else that is adversely impacting your personal life as well as preparation for law school entrance exams. We will be able to provide advice from our very own experiences in helping you answer questions you had with you in all matters connected to the preparation for CLAT as well as on choosing to pursue a LLB degree.
We will be offering mentor support as well as books and course materials only from a later date. We will be providing regular daily updates on our website to assist in preparing for various sections as well as mocks and counselling support from today itself.
To all those preparing for CLAT in May, we wish you good luck and we hope to see you in the law school you wanted, when the first year commences!

Anmol Tanwar

She is a passionate writer by choice and founder member of this website. She with her writing skills has always ruled over the hearts and minds of her readers. As a student of National Law University, Jodhpur she will be the one to introduce you to the very motivated team who are behind this website. She unites her team member, other than the passion to contribute and develop this website/blog, is the fact that the team invested a substantial amount of time and resources into cracking the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) and also AILET (All India Law Entrance Test).

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