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Logical Reasoning Paper I

Questions 1-10

Read the following information carefully and choose the most appropriate option: In each of the questions, two statements are numbered as I and II. There may be a cause and effect relationship between the two statements. The statements may be the effect of the same cause or an independent cause. The statements may be independent causes without having any relationship.

Read both the statements and mark your answer as:

(A) If statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.

(B) If statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect.

(C) If both statements I and II are independent causes.

(D) If both statements I and II are effects of independent causes.


Question 1

Statement A:  Lot more people are buying Mizuki washing machines that any other washing machine during Holi.

Statement B:  People tend to have their best clothes stained irreparably due to colours during Holi.

Question 2

Statement A: Singapore has become a global transportation hub for shipping

Statement B: Singapore has excellent connectivity to all major shipping lanes in the Asian region.

Question 3

Statement A: The government has tripled the budgetary allocation to the judiciary for existing courts.

Statement B: The government is implementing steps to reduce the number of vacant posts for judges and increase the number of fast track and special courts.

Question 4

Statement A: Bubonic Plague spread rapidly through the cities of Europe killing millions in the fourteenth century.

Statement B: The cities were extremely filthy and lacked any clear quarantine measures.

Question 5

Statement A:- Piracy was rampant in the Caribbean in the sixteenth century.

Statement B:- The English ships used to carry tea and pepper from India and the Spice Islands to London.

Question 6

Statement A:-   Piracy was rampant in the Caribbean in the sixteenth century.

Statement B:- The Spanish Treasure Fleet from their colonies sailed through the Caribbean.

Question 7

Statement A:- Dodo became extinct in Mauritius within a few years after the arrival of first Europeans.

Statement B:- Dodo were big flightless birds drawn to loud sounds, bright colours and fire.

Question 8

Statement A:- The new prime minister has proposed that the government increase the budgetary allocation for solar and wind power.

Statement B:- The new prime minister pushing for a tax exemption  on Road tax and other vehicle taxes for electric cars.

Question 9

Statement A:- There has been an increasing polarisation of votes on the identity of religion and caste during elections.

Statement B:- Speeches and Manifestos of all major parties and candidates in elections have pushed for the rights of a particular religious group or caste.

Question 10

Statement A:- The Constitution of the United States of America allows the Vice President to assume power as Acting President with the consent  of the majority of the members in the inner cabinet.

Statement B:- The President of the United States of America wields substantively more independent Executive power than any other president in a democracy.

Questions 11 -15

  • In each questions there are some statement given. The statements are to be accepted as the truth even if it is contrary to known facts. From among the options pick the answer that is the most appropriate conclusion to be drawn from the statement.

Question 11

Statement A:- All goats eat lions

Statement B:- Some cows are also lions


  1. All cows eat lions
  2. All goats eat cows
  3. All cows are eaten by goats
  4. Some cows are eaten by goats

Question 12

Statement A:- Some apples are also violins

Statement B:- All cows can ride violins.

Statement C:- Some birds are also cows


  1. Some birds ride some apples
  2. Some birds ride cows
  3. All apples are ridden by birds
  4. Some birds plays violins

Question 13

Statement A:-  All bats are fruits

Statement B:- All fruits are not  grass

Statement C:- All cows eat only grass


  1. All cows eat fruits
  2. All cows eat bats
  3. All bats are not eaten by cows
  4. All bats are not eaten by fruits

Question 14

Statement A:- Priya does not like mangoes

Statement B:-  Some bananas are apples

Statement C:- Priya likes apples

Statement D:- Some bananas are mangoes

Statement E:- A mango can never be an apple


  1. Some mangoes are apples
  2. Priya likes all bananas
  3. Priya likes bananas that are mangoes
  4. Priya like some bananas

Question 15

Statement A:- B is the strongest person in the world

Statement B:- A is the fastest person in the world

Statement C:- A always beat B in a sprint event


  1. A is the strongest person in the world
  2. B is not the strongest person in the world
  3. B cant give his best against A
  4. Strength is not the most important factor in sprint events

Questions 16-20

Every one of the following questions consists of a related pair of words, followed by five pairs of words labelled a through e. Choose the pair that best represents a similar relationship to the one expressed in the original pair of words.

Question 16

Sun: Earth


  1. Pluto: Neptune
  2. Sun: Sirius
  3. Sun: Moon
  4. Earth: Moon

Question 17

Red Rose: Valentine’s Day


  1. Yellow Rose: Friendship
  2. Ship: Sea
  3. White Doves: World Peace Day
  4. Guinea Pigs: Laboratories

Question 18

Batman: Robin

  1. Batman: Superman
  2. Sherlock Holmes: Watson
  3. James Bond: MI 6
  4. Feluda: Sherlock Holmes

Question 19

Pilot: Captain

  1. Doctor: Patient
  2. Lawyer: Court room
  3. Company: Product
  4. Soldier: Lieutenant

Question 20

Tempest: Wind

  1. Desert: Sand
  2. Sea: Waves
  3. Virus: Common Flu
  4. Flood: Water

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