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Interview Series: Interview With Aditya Anand (AIR 261 in CLAT)

This is a lightly edited post of an interview conducted by Team Clatshree with Aditya Anand, who secured AIR 261 in CLAT. In the interview he discussed his strategies in tackling the papers, how he spend his time, who supported him in his preparation and his future expectations as well as advice for aspirants.

Q: Did you expect to do so well in your CLAT examination?
Ans: I had worked according to my specific plan all through the year in a well-organized manner and didn’t miss out on anything, my work style was methodical so I always believed in myself albeit a few setbacks. However, I was pleasingly astonished by under 300 ranks, I felt I stood out to my expectation.

Q: Who played the biggest role in helping you make your way to success?
Ans: I had taken a year off and didn’t join any coaching institution. The whole year was filled with highs and lows. I owe this success to my family. They backed me in every instance.

Q: What was your preparation strategy for CLAT 2018?
Ans: I used to study each subject every day. Persistence and determination were the most significant virtues. I used to set the daily targets in the early morning and accomplished them before the day ends. I had an erratic routine and no fixed hour of study time, It was totally depended on daily goals.

Q: How many hours did you put in for preparation? Can you specify the subject wise strategy you used?
Ans: There was no decided number of hours. I relied exclusively on my everyday targets. I had devised a strategy for every subject.
English was my weakest section. I used to devote major chunk of my time on it. I practised reading comprehension almost every day. I maintained a notebook for vocabulary and grammar rules which I used to revise on weekends.

Maths : It was my forte. I used to practice 10-20 question everyday from various topics.

Legal Aptitude: Past year papers played an important role here. I learned the methodology and practised around 4000-5000 questions an entire year.

Logical Reasoning: Practice is the key, Nothing else!

GK: I rely mostly on current affairs compendiums of different coaching institutes and revise them on a regular basis. For Static GK, I didn’t do anything particularly ( Not recommendable though).

Q: What was your strategy with respect to mock tests? When did you attempt your first mock and how did you schedule your time for them?
Ans: I used to practice one mock every third day. they were pretty effective. I took around 85-95 mocks during the year starting from September. They helped me to figure out my strengths and weaknesses and acquainted me with various degrees of difficulties.

Q: The preparation can get really hectic. So what did you do to manage your stress?
Ans: All through my drop year, I faced difficulties and pitfalls, none of which could’ve been assuaged if not for my friends, football and a few episodes of tv series here and there.

Q: How important do you think is having friends/seniors in law schools assist you in your preparation for the entrance examination?
Ans: I was enrolled in mentorship programme of CLATSHREE. My mentor provided me with every sort of assistance which I needed in my preparation. Apart from this, He kept me motivated throughout the year.

Q: How did you handle the pressure and excitement when taking the examination?
Ans: I endured my patience till the last moment of the examination. I found myself fortunate enough as I didn’t face any major technical glitches like others.

Q: What made you choose law as a career option?
A: I got into this law thing lately. Earlier, I was an engineering aspirant, but it never touched me in the way law did. I can easily get an opportunity through the law to do something for downtrodden and weaker segment of society where justice is denied.

Q: What are your hobbies? What activities did you engage in while preparing for the exams?
A: I have a genuine interest in Indian politics. I used to read and discuss it with my fellow aspirants in my free time. Apart from this, I am a sporting enthusiast.

Q: What advice and strategies do you have for future test takers?
A: You should listen to everyone but devise your own plan. No one knows you better than yourself. Work Hard, Dream Big. Good Luck!

Anmol Tanwar

She is a passionate writer by choice and founder member of this website. She with her writing skills has always ruled over the hearts and minds of her readers. As a student of National Law University, Jodhpur she will be the one to introduce you to the very motivated team who are behind this website. She unites her team member, other than the passion to contribute and develop this website/blog, is the fact that the team invested a substantial amount of time and resources into cracking the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) and also AILET (All India Law Entrance Test).

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