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Interview Series: Interview With Mayukha Chihnitha (AIR 1584 in CLAT)

This is a lightly edited post of an interview conducted by Team Clatshree with Mayukha Chihnitha, who secured AIR 1584 in CLAT. In the interview she discussed her strategies in tackling the papers, how she spend her time, who supported her in her preparation and her future expectations as well as advice for aspirants.

Q: Did you expect to do so well in your CLAT and AILET examinations?
A: With just 2 months of preparation, I did not expect this rank.

Q: Who played the biggest role in helping you make your way to success?
A: My efforts, my parents’ encouragement, my coaching teachers and the almighty.

Q: What was your preparation strategy for CLAT 2018?
A: I focused on my strengths. Worked hard to overcome my weak topics

Q: How many hours did you put in for preparation? Can you specify the subject wise strategy you used?
A: I started my serious preparation just before 2 months from the date of clat. I used to study 5 to 6 hrs a day. But i made sure that i covered every subject.
For English i referred to word power made easy and i used to make a list of new words. Studying 10 new words a day helped me alot.
For current affairs i referred some online modules and used to read newspaper daily and made notes.
For logic i practiced from different books and also my coaching material
For legal previous year models are very important and i solved a lot of legal reasoning questions.
For mathematics i solved my coaching material.

Q: How did you tackle your weaknesses while preparing for the exams?
A: Facing a problem solves it. I worked hard to overcome my weaknesses. My major weaknesses were maths and logic. I worked and solved many questions on those topics

Q: What was your strategy with respect to mock tests? When did you attempt your first mock and how did you schedule your time for them?
A: I attempted my first mock test before starting my preparation and i scored 46 marks in total. There was actually no strategy for my first mock. But i started applying different strategy for different mocks. But for my last two mocks I only applied my final strategy that I’m going to use in my final exam. First I did GK questions then English then Legal, then maths and at last I solved logic questions.

Q: The preparation can get really hectic. So what did you do to manage your stress?
A: My schedule was hectic as I started preparing just before 2 months. But I manged to cope up with my stress by listening to music and talking to my parents. My parents are my saviours when it comes to handling stress. I made sure i had enough amount of sleep that is 8 hours a day.

Q: How did you manage between Board exams and preparing for the entrance examinations?
A: Actually I took a drop to prepare for medical entrance but my keen interest in law diverted me towards Clat.

Q: What did you focus on when preparing – accuracy or speed? Which one do you think a candidate must put more effort on?
A: First accuracy and then speed. Cause both are equally important to crack clat. When I lost half an hour in clat due to technical glitches my speed saved me.

Q: How important do you think is having friends/seniors in law schools assist you in your preparation for the entrance examination?
A: It is actually very important. You will do better in every aspect with assistance of a mentor or a senior from a law school.

Q: What did you do on the day before the CLAT/AILET exams? How did you manage stress?
A: I ate my favourite food and slept happily.

Q: How did you handle the pressure and excitement when taking the examination?
A: My pressure was only about the glitches and not about the examination at that time.

Q: What was the strategy you adopted when attempting the CLAT paper?
A: I thought of many strategies but those technical glitches stopped from using any strategy I just solved those questions which I got to see first on the screen.

Q: In retrospect is there anything you would have done differently in CLAT/AILET either at the stage of preparation or when attempting the exam which you believe would have helped increase your marks?
A: I should have started my preparation earlier.

Q: What made you choose law as a career option?
A: Law has been a venerated profession since time immemorial. And it is the only way to bring about a change in the society and our society does need a lot of changes.

Q: What are your hobbies? What activities did you engage in while preparing for the exams?
A: I love singing. Music relieves my stress.

Q: How do you plan to spend the month before joining the college?
A: I want to work on my English and communication skills. I’m not very good at these two.

Q: What are your future plans? What are your expectations about the first week of law school?
A: I don’t have any expectations. I just want to take it as it is.

Q: What advice and strategies do you have for future test takers?
A: Just focus on studies. Practice a lot. Read newspaper daily. Learn 10 new words daily. Stay away from negative people. Be positive. You will do it.

Anmol Tanwar

She is a passionate writer by choice and founder member of this website. She with her writing skills has always ruled over the hearts and minds of her readers. As a student of National Law University, Jodhpur she will be the one to introduce you to the very motivated team who are behind this website. She unites her team member, other than the passion to contribute and develop this website/blog, is the fact that the team invested a substantial amount of time and resources into cracking the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) and also AILET (All India Law Entrance Test).

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