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Clatshree Mentorship Program – Opening New Batches for Law Aspirants (Enroll Now for Special Discount!!!!)

Clatshree is pleased to announce that it is opening slots for the mentorship program for students aspiring a career in law.

Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) and All India Law Entrance Test (AILET), which are the common exams for India’s National Law Universities, have become two of India’s most coveted entrance examinations. More than 50000 candidates wrote CLAT this year and around 25000 for AILET. The exams have become far competitive transforming from one only a few thousand students attempted to one with margin far harder than 1 in 250 of getting admission. There are other exams like LSAT (Law School Admission Test), MH-CET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test for Law), SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test), BLAT (Benaras Hindu University Law Admission Test) all of which also open doors to leading law universities in India. These exams, while relatively easier than its counterparts in medicine and engineering, they are no cakewalk covering diverse range of questions across English, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Logical Reasoning, Mathematics and Legal Knowledge and Reasoning.

The opportunities for clearing such a grueling hurdle make it a price worth competing. The Legal Profession now offers opportunities far beyond what was the case three decades back:-

  • They were established with the intent of developing a culture of inquisitive learning, research and drafting skills as well as a strong work ethic to manage highly competitive and demanding environments. Their wide spread appeal and the fact that this model has eclipsed the three year program in terms of popularity show how appealing the program has become.
  • Their rigorous standard and interaction faculties of law and humanities in colleges both India and abroad ensures that students have exposure to social and legal issues nationally and internationally.
  • It also opens up access to study or work abroad in a way that was never possible before.
  • There are placements opportunities in MNCs, consultancy, banking and law firms that are as lucrative as those from IITs or IIMs.
  • A graduate has opportunity to get tenured positions in reputed universities should teaching be of interest.
  • A candidate can also engage with some of India’s best policy think tanks and internationally.
  • Opportunities are also available for students interested in taking civil service examination or judicial service examination or CA, CS, MBA programmes as the law program provides skills and network helpful in these exams
  • These are only a glimpse at the many opportunities that a law graduate today from a good university can aim for, in addition to litigation.

    It is with the intent of helping you achieve the best strategy, advice, tactics and approach towards maximizing your score in the examination that Clatshree has launched its Mentorship Program for the period of 2019-2020. You will be provided with a team of mentors who have been teaching students for many years, with excellent results, and are themselves students who have cleared these examinations and gotten into top NLUs in India. The program is aimed at supplementing and aiding your preparation to effectively maximise your scores, whether you are enrolled in a coaching centre for these exams or is studying from home; whether you are a student of class XII or studying in a college or a person who has dropped an year towards preparation for this examination; or whether this is your first or subsequent attempt.

    Our mentors will create a tailor made strategy to best suit your needs; identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as help you maximise your potential, help you build your strategy around demands of daily life be it school, college or other commitments and provide you motivation and support during your attempt. You will also be able to engage with peer group of law aspirants and collaborate in solving the questions put to you.

    We are offering an early bird discount to our comprehensive mentorship program of Rs 600, till 24.06.2019, and you can now sign up for it for just Rs 3000. After which the price will revert to its original Rs 3600. We encourage you to sign up before the 1st of July for the earlier you join our program the more we can help chisel out your strengths.

    Clatshree Comprehensive Training Programme

    PayTM – 8107998503
    (You can pay through this link via netbanking/card or Paytm Rs 3000 to 8107998503. You are then requested to whatsapp your payment receipt on 8547558647 along with your name for confirmation of receipt and scheduling of mentorship.)

    Thank you!
    Good Luck!

    Anmol Tanwar

    She is a passionate writer by choice and founder member of this website. She with her writing skills has always ruled over the hearts and minds of her readers. As a student of National Law University, Jodhpur she will be the one to introduce you to the very motivated team who are behind this website. She unites her team member, other than the passion to contribute and develop this website/blog, is the fact that the team invested a substantial amount of time and resources into cracking the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) and also AILET (All India Law Entrance Test).

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