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Under this program, we shall offer you a mock test series consisting of seven mock tests. These mocks will be prepared by students of NLU-J who aced CLAT. You’ll get the most relevant questions in these mock tests which will better prepare you to fact CLAT level questions and also have a high probability of getting repeated in the exam and hence will be an added advantage for you. Subscribe to the CLAT SHREE MOCK TEST SERIES for only Rs. 575. To apply, contact us through Email/Whatsapp. We will get back to you with the payment details.

There are times when you may feel the need for counselling when you feel stressed while preparing for CLAT. We provide support, encouragement and a patient hearing to all your worries and fears when preparing for CLAT. Please visit the page for further details.

This programme aims to provide the most suitable study material at the least cost. This will consist of a set of 10 CLAT preparation modules, prepared with care and precision by us, at a price of Rs 3600.

Under this program, a student of NLU-J shall mentor you and oversee your CLAT preparations for the year. They will personally guide you through your CLAT preparation. Further, they will help you with every subject of yours, give you specialized guidance over what to do and what not to do for CLAT. More important they will provide you with support and encouragement when you’re at a low and be a friend throughout your prep and college.

We will be providing you with a list of all the important resource books in addition to the materials we are providing to better facilitate your CLAT preparation. There will be summaries

This is a place where you can get a chance to publish your experience during CLAT prep, your views, common problems faced during preparation and get to interact with fellow CLAT aspirants some of whom will become your batch mates.